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Your Outsourcing Solution:






             ImagingTek provides reliable and confident outsourcing solutions from

      professionals with more than a decade in experience. Our outsourcing solution

      encompasses the following goals for your company:


    - Reducing the project life cycle and allowing the company to focus on its

       core expertise.


    - Creating and supporting software necessary to keep track of documents.


    - Peace of mind in having the project done accurately, on time, and to your



    - Dispensing with costly machinery maintenance, operation, upgrades,

       and purchases.


    - Avoiding the cost of employee training, hiring, and over-burdening in the

       operation of specialized machineries.


    - Bottom line reduction in expenses when compared to in-house operations


        We provide an adaptive and experienced staff that will meet your ever-

   changing needs. An important benefit, considering the challenge of keeping 

   ahead of advancing technology and, of course, the competition. Outsourcing your 

   project  to us allows your company to quickly build upon its successes, paving the

   way  for a bright future. And most importantly, ImagingTek is committed to helping  

   your business achieve its goals.




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